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Property Management, Rental Properties and Body Corporate Services from Oxygen

The art of Property Management. Itís looking after properties for landlords and investors. Itís looking after landlords and itís looking after tenants. Itís knowing tenancy laws and property laws and tax laws and by-laws. Itís knowing that without good properties you canít get good tenants and that without good tenants you donít attract good landlords. Itís knowing builders and plumbers and cleaners and any number of fix-it people. And itís knowing, above all else, that our job is really one simple thing Ė to take all the hassles away. We look after the properties. You look after the big picture. That is the art of Property Management. And that is what we do.

Our people know Property Management. They own and have owned properties. They know what itís like to be a tenant and they know what itís like to be a landlord. And they know that owning and maintaining a property is no small task and that the investment can be as much emotional as it is financial. It takes a particular type of person Ė one with a critical eye for detail, a juggler, a diplomat and a negotiator Ė to work in Property Management. Happily, we have those people.

Oxygen specialises in residential and commercial Property Management, Property Rentals, Letting and Body Corporate Management. Oxygen is part of Professionals, Redcoats Limited.

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Oxygen is part of Professionals, Redcoats Limited
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Landlords - We specialise in

property management

in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Hawke's Bay, Hastings and Napier
Tenants - View the best choice of

rental properties

in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Hawke's Bay, Hastings and Napier from Oxygen
Bodies Corporate - The new Unit Titles Act places greater demands on the management of a

Body Corporate.

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Professionals, Redcoats Limited

Oxygen is part of Professionals, Redcoats Limited
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